Food Blog..

I think I want to start a food blog.. I love reading them and I love to eat.


Troll Client!

Haven't written anything in awhile b/c I'm lazy. But found my client highly amusing while chatting with him on Skype today, so I thought I'd share tidbits of our conversation:

[11:45:22 AM] Jordan - Tap for Tap: its pretty snowy over here so i get to take my dog slead back over to vancouver. 30 minutes of frozen ice back to van
[11:45:42 AM] Motive Teresa: yikes
[11:45:44 AM] Motive Teresa: but snow!
[11:45:59 AM] Motive Teresa: i've only seen snow a handful times..

I obviously knew the dog sled was a joke, but snowing in Canada seems very realistic.

[11:46:27 AM] Jordan - Tap for Tap: haha i'm just kidding
[11:46:31 AM] Jordan - Tap for Tap: i wanted to see if you'd say anything
[11:46:32 AM] Jordan - Tap for Tap: there is almost no snow here
[11:46:41 AM] Jordan - Tap for Tap: also i dont own a dog slead with dogs
[11:47:37 AM] Motive Teresa: hahaha
[11:47:42 AM] Motive Teresa: i figured that was a joke
[11:47:54 AM] Motive Teresa: but the snow and black ice seem very plausible!

[11:48:16 AM] Jordan - Tap for Tap: thats true
[11:48:21 AM] Jordan - Tap for Tap: yah theres no snow in victoira
[11:48:28 AM] Jordan - Tap for Tap: a bit of sludge in vancouver
[11:48:37 AM] Jordan - Tap for Tap: but yah west canada at least bc doesn't get much snow
[11:48:49 AM] Jordan - Tap for Tap: we have almost the exact same weather as seattle
[11:48:55 AM] Motive Teresa: ah ok.
[11:49:34 AM] Motive Teresa: we americans are very easy to fool. :P

And now he goes in for the blow:

[11:50:22 AM] Jordan - Tap for Tap: haha yah i know. canada seems so foreign but really its the exact same only slightly better :P

Ouchhhhh. But possibly true too.

If you're ever wondering what I do at work... now you know! Just kidding.


2011 in Review!

Blog worthy events that happened in 2011! In no particular order; and I'm sticking to good things! This is a little late, but it's before February!

1. Got a job! Funny how things work, literally don't hear back from applications for months, then all of sudden I started hearing back from all these jobs. Eventually, I landed one of them. :) So now I work for Motive Interactive, an affiliate network (contact me if you want to make money!!), and it's awesome. People have the wrong impression that what I do there is play online games all day. Which is completely not true, because I have no interest in playing games all day and would have probably already quit if that was my job. I tried playing a game that we promote and I lost interest in a week. Teresa = despite being a dork, not a gamer. Oh, and I got to go to E3 which was cool even if I didn't really get it! And it made all of my friends jealous. Hehe. :D
With our SWAG leaving E3

2. Ultimate! My club preseason was my best ultimate record. Lei Out: C bracket finals. NYF: Finals. DUI: Semi's. OLOB: Semi's. Lost to eventual winners in both (still haven't won a tournament since Prez Day 2007, my first and only). Too bad the record didn't carry over to the club season. LOL. Anyways, had a lot of fun with Death Eaters, Hella Bella, Too Swift, and Mass Exodus. Also! I was able to combine my favorite things together! Harry Potter + Ultimate! and Taylor Swift + Ultimate! Wee. Got to play with old friends and new friends, loved it.

Death Eaters 2011
Mass Exodus 2011

3. TAYLOR SWIFT. I bet you're surprised this wasn't the first thing I listed huh? I was able to score tickets to her concert, thank you AmEx! We got them like.. 6 months in advance. So Ducky made the trip down to SD to see her in concert with me. Amahzing. I took the day off from work (obviously) so we could make shirts and posters before her concert.
 4. Making new friends! Still working on that, never can have too many friends. But I think I'm starting to get more comfortable here and all in all, SD is not a bad place to be.

2011 was a pretty good year for me! And hopefully each year will go up! So far 2012 has not disappointed; only time will tell. Though it might not be a good year if the world ends. Anyways, hope your 2011 was filled with good memories and create many more in 2012!

<3 t



I played basketball last week for the first time in a looooooong time. A few thoughts:

1. Even when playing full court, it's a lot smaller than an ultimate field.
2. Footblocks are not legal in basketball. Boo.
3. I miss the physicality of basketball.
4. I think I'm better at defense than offense (which is the opposite of ultimate). But maybe that's just b/c my offense is horrible especially since I haven't shot a ball in.... years?
5. I've lost what little ball handling skills I had. My left hand is literally useless.

All in all, I had a lot of fun! And I miss basketball, but I guess I miss ultimate too. Haven't thrown since regionals, I'm scared to see what my flicks look like right now.



T-Sweezy for President!

There's something I can't explain about Taylor Swift. I really respect her as an artist and also think that she's a great person. She genuinely seems down-to-earth and modest.

Her concert was so amazing. No words could describe it. Can't wait til her next tour!


Regionals 2011

I'm pumped. Let's do it. The final countdown!

Knock Out 2011.

p.s. where are all of our team pictures?!?


Not a Handler

*clap clap clapclapclap*

I had 2 summer league ultimate games last night. And I happened to be on for the last point for both of the games. One was tied at DGP (12's), the other 13-14 on hard cap. Basically, in both of these points, it was essential for my team to score. While the last point tied at 12's lasted a good 20 minutes (2 time outs and an injury were called) and there were plenty and plenty of turnovers, I threw the last turnover that led the other team to score. In my defense though, my receiver was in the endzone and the disc was in his hands before it bounced out. But at the same time, I'm sure there was another easier (more conservative) throw. Either way, I take responsibility of that. As a handler, I should be looking for the easiest throw, not trying to complete the most difficult ones..

And then my game with my actual team. I had been doing okay this game. Somewhat tired because I had track earlier and then that marathon point. Anyways, score was 13-14 bad guys. We needed to score to put us on game point too. We got the D, I had an open look. But then somehow misread a perfect throw. This is why you throw and catch when you are tired.. So that turnover was 110% my fault, bad guys got possession and scored. Boo.

At least this is summer league, and not DGP in the game-to-go to nationals. But I need to prove to myself and my teammates that when that moment comes, I can be trusted with the disc and to make the right decision.

My better is better than your better.